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Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited is one of the world’s leading petrochemical producers and a leading global manufacturer of wool yarns.

Our global sales and manufacturing presence can be seen in all high-growth economies and industries. Our products serve major players in diversified end use markets, including food, beverages, personal and home care, health care, automotives, textile and industrial.

Indorama Ventures is guided by a continued focus on building strong and lasting relationships with all its stakeholders, such as customers, employees, environment, investors, business partners and communities, and to provide the best quality products and services. Our success is the direct result of our committed workforce of more than 14,000 and clear company goals set by our experienced management.

Our dedicated relationships with customers, manufacturing presence in the high growth industries, focus on low cost and efficiency, as well as the fact that our products are primarily consumer staples, places Indorama Ventures in the strongest of positions to withstand the current economic climate.
Key Figures
Revenue: US$ 7.2 billion1
Employees: 14,0002
Manufacturing sites: 673
1 End of year 2016
2 As of April 2016
3 Co-sited plants counted individually
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Leadership Positions
  • Indorama Ventures is the largest PET producer globally, as well as in the U.S.A and Europe
  • We are the largest polyester fiber producer in Thailand
  • Indorama Ventures is a world scale manufacturer of purified terephthalic acid (PTA), a key raw material for the production of polyester
  • Indorama Ventures is a world-leading producer of Isopthalic Acid, a key chemical additive in the manufacture of PET for packaging
  • We are globally recognized as a major producer of premium worsted wool yarns
Indorama Ventures is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand and established in 21 countries in four major regions of the world - Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and Africa. The company’s portfolio is comprised of Necessities and High Value-Added (HVA) categories of Polymers, Fibers, and Packaging.

Indorama Ventures' business consists of three key verticals - Feedstock, PET and Fibers. In a proactive move towards maximizing its value chain and operational synergies, Indorama Ventures has expanded its PET and Polyester businesses in recent years. Towards our goal of vertical integration we entered into the PTA business with the acquisition of three PTA plants in 2008. In 2012, we pursued integration further with an entry into MEG.

Our historical expansions and investments in the polyester value chain have always been undertaken keeping in mind the value creation initiatives of scale, integration, geography, and product mix. With a continual focus on cost and efficiency, Indorama Ventures is now firmly positioned amongst the lowest cost polyester chain producers in the world.