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Wellman France Recyclage SAS
Acquired December 2011

Wellman International is Europe’s largest PET recycler, with two flake processing facilities, one in Spijk, the Netherlands and the second in Verdun, France. The bottle recovery plant in Spijk, is located on the Rhine and was established in 1990. It has an annual flake capacity of 43,000 tonnes. The bottle recovery plant in Verdun is located in North East France and was established in 1995. It has an annual flake capacity of 27,000 tonnes.

As Europe’s largest PET recycler, Wellman International has a broad European bottle sourcing network, facilitating maximum supply chain efficiencies. Both the flake production facilities in Spijk and in Verdun serve the fiber production plant in Ireland, which produces a diverse and extensive range of polyester staple fiber products from rPET flake and is the leading producer of PSF in Europe. Wellman International Spijk also carries a flake sales portfolio.
Verdun, France
33,000 sq.m.
27,000 tonnes per annum
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Wellman France Recyclage SAS
Verdun Chamber of Commerce, Rue Robert de Cotte, 55100 Verdun, France
E-mail: info@wellman-intl.com

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