Company Secretary
Roles and Responsibilities of the Company Secretary

The main duties and responsibilities of the Company Secretary are:
  • Providing basic advice pertaining to the securities laws and regulations and Articles of Association as well as monitoring compliance on a regular basis and reporting any significant changes to the Board.
  • Arranging the Shareholders Meeting and the Board of Directors Meeting in accordance with the laws, regulations and related best practices.
  • Preparing minutes of the Shareholders Meeting and the Board of Directors Meeting, and monitoring subsequent compliance with the resolutions of those meetings.
  • Preparing and keeping registrations of directors, annual reports, notice of the Shareholders Meeting, notice of Board of Directors Meeting, minutes of the Shareholders Meeting and the Board of Directors Meeting.
  • Keep reports of interest filed by directors and executives, and presenting such reports as specified by the relevant laws.
  • Ensuring statutory compliances across all subsidiaries.
  • Ensuring that corporate information disclosures to regulatory agencies are in accordance with the laws and regulations in both Thai and English.
  • Timely reporting of all necessary disclosures to SEC and SET.
  • Assisting in Board activities including provide preliminary advice and recommendations pertaining to legal, regulatory, corporate governance issues and best practices related to the Board and Committees.
  • Support directors to ensure that all directors have sufficient information and knowledge to fulfill their roles and responsibilities effectively and report it in the annual report.
  • Frequently develop and update the knowledge relating to company secretary duties.