Dividend Payment Policy
Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited

The Company has a policy to pay a total dividend of not less than 30% of the net profit after tax and appropriation to legal reserve. However, the Board of Directors shall have the authority to consider waiving or amending such dividend policy subject to the condition that it will bring the greatest benefit to the shareholders, such as to use such portion of the net profit as reserve for debt repayment, capital investment for production expansion or as a support in case of changing market conditions which would affect the company’s future cash flows.


The payout of dividend by the IVL subsidiaries to IVL is up to 80% of their net profit after tax and after appropriation of legal reserve. However the Board of Directors of the subsidiaries will consider the dividend payment, and may amend the dividend policy, by taking into account the reserves for debt payment, capital investment, changing market conditions or as required to manage future cash flows.
Dividend Payment Policy